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Individualized strength and conditioning where instructors are constantly reviewing your form in an environment where everyone starts where they’re at and eventually goes where they never thought possible.


have Medical Issues related to aging/weight gain?

We will get you in the gym and keep you consistent and connected through properly scaled programming.

do you feel your age and it scares you?

We can reverse many issues with scaled weight training, community support and encouragement.

we know how hard it is


This gym is driven by 3 busy women who lost a combined total of over 400 lbs. We went from very unhealthy lifestyles to competitive powerlifters and bodybuilders....all while managing a career and family. We know how hard it is and we know how frightening it is to get started.



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the get waisted difference


We're not afraid to tell it how it is 


If you don't feel like you fit in, we will refund you. No questions asked! 


We've lived your life and we didn't like it much either!

"Gayle is a great trainer ... I thoroughly enjoyed the biggest loser 5 and I've been happy with my weight loss and learning how to eat healthy .... Thanks Gayle your awesome"

Wanda Jean Gooden

"Gail is awesome, she doesn't let you get away with anything which I know I need, and she makes sure you are doing the exercises properly which is really great, not like a big corporate gym where they give you a one time run down and then forget about you. Excellent environment for a great workout. If you come here you will succeed!!!!!!"

Kimberly Harris

"Solid leader! Gayle has helped me meet my personal goals for a healthier life. Her coaching was exactly what I needed to make positive changes in my own lifestyle.!"

Heather Churchill

"All I'm saying is.... When you meet'll find a reason to go to the GYM EVERYDAY! !! She is Awesome.....She's a No Bull Crap type of excuses. ..And that's what everyone needs. .When your are Ready to Make That Lifestyle Change,,, that you always wanted. .but never had the Courage! It's a very Comfortable Environment. ...felt like I was home! Thanks Gayle....You Rock!"

Sue Duke

"Accountability is what I need and is definitely what I'm getting. No BS, No shortcuts and I'm getting good results. Definition and strength I didn't know was possible for me. Can not recommend enough!"

Michele Meehan

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